We are happy to announce that Skyvenger 3D: Orbital Debris for iOS has been approved for release in all Apple App Stores.
Skyvenger 3D implements an absolutely innovative approach to the arkanoid genre. It provides full freedom of movement in 3D space for both the balls and the “paddle”. In fact it’s more like a hybrid of first person shooter, space simulator and 3D brick breaker game. The player looks at the world through the “paddle” and moves with it in any direction around the bricks massif. Such an approach results in wonderful sense of freedom, fascinating balls trajectories and dizzy feelings: just imagine, that suddenly a whole planet floats above your head and you realize, that usual directions just don’t make sense anymore.
The game takes place in 5 different planetary systems which means 5 high-definition backgrounds and planets. There are total 85 levels, each of which represents a whimsical figure built of bricks.
Another great feature of the game is the well-designed power-ups system. There are three slots that can be filled with power-ups. The player decides by himself when to activate the slots. The more slots are filled the more powerful gets each power-up when activated. But one should be careful: the anti-power-ups get enhanced this way as well. 3 slots and 10 power-up types result in 175 possible different combinations. This power-ups system adds to the game a tint of gambling and passion of investigation: “What combination will I collect next? How those power-ups will interact?”
Tilt control is the default control. It’s highly ergonomic and, as players report, feels natural for this game. Still the touch control is also provided, so if someone wants to play in a moving transport, for example, it may be convenient to switch to the touch control.
The gameplay is accompanied by unobtrusive humor. The main idea of cleaning space debris with balls and paddle and various comic objects flying in the background prevent the game from getting too serious and from time to time bring smile to the player’s face.

iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
Requires iOS 5.0 or later
Universal app optimized for display on all iOS devices

Skyvenger 3D is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games Category since August 11, 2013.



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